Avignonesi Vino Nobile

The Wine
Avignonesi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2014

The Price

Where to find it
Pogo’s Wine & Spirits, 5630 West Lover’s Lane, Dallas (Inwood Village)

Who will like it
This is a Sangiovese wine from the Tuscany region of Italy that provides an amazing balance of cherry and raspberry red fruit, slightly sweet spice and Italian herbs. The flavor profile falls between a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon and tends to be appreciated equally by those who prefer the wines at either end of that spectrum.

Why we are highlighting this wine
Medium body and flavorful without being overbearing, this is a versatile wine that will appeal to a wide range of people, is easy to drink on its own and pairs seamlessly with a variety of foods from pizza to pasta with red/meat sauce to grilled chicken or pork. This wine is highly rated by a number of different reputable sources. A DOCG-level red wine at this quality level for under $30 is a value and this one is certainly worth bringing home.

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